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Kensapuu - Production

Production video

Wood router

Kensapuu's seven modern CNC units form the backbone of Kensapuu's extensive collection.

A wood router cuts the furniture door's shape from MDF board using various programmes and bit techniques. The door models and materials of today often pose challenges for the wood router and its operator. A furniture door may look simple on the surface, and yet have required numerous work stages already in CNC tooling. Production planning of new models for the wood router together with supervisors forms a counterbalance to serial production.


Kensapuu - Wood router

Paint shop

The strengths of Kensapuu's finishing production line are efficiency, uniform quality and friendliness to the environment. During my shift, nearly a thousand doors, all of which must pass quality control, have their surfaces coloured. A furniture door goes through the painting line a minimum of five times, which will leave three coats of paint on the front and two coats on the back. Deep-cut models have even more coats of paint.

Door model profiles and surface requirements are constantly becoming more challenging from the perspective of finishing, so a painter's job requires continuous learning.


Kensapuu - Paint shop

Membrane production

Regularly changing membrane patterns add spice to working with a membrane press. The Wemhöner membrane press enables the use of thick quality membranes, which creates freedom of choice in the collection. Membrane patterns are manufactured in Germany and Japan, where the environment is highly valued.

The membrane is attached to the blank door by vacuum and high temperatures. Membra pressing finishes off the attachment of a membrane; the membrane is reheated and pressed onto the door by a heat conductive Membra membrane.


Kensapuu - Membrane production

Packing department

The packing of furniture doors is one of the most important stages of production. It ensures that the shipment reaches the end customer correctly and fully intact. Packing methods vary by customer, so my job requires precision and speed. Developing packages and increasing customer requirements ensure that I won’t suffer from boredom in the future.


Kensapuu - Packing department